Hallo! Hola! 안녕하세요!

Learning a language is never easy. Eversince I was young I already love studying languages. When I was in college I was lucky to have 6 units of Spanish (3 units: oral and 3 units: written). I got a fairly... Continue Reading →



Today, I finished reading a book. Lovestruck in London was a free ebook in Google Play Books app so I decided to download and give it a try. Today I stayed at home and was so engrossed in reading that... Continue Reading →

My Travel Mishaps

Not all trips go smoothly. You may have planned out everything pretty well a month before the trip, but that does not guarantee anything. Looking back, I was able to experience my most unforgettable travel mishap during my business trip... Continue Reading →


Ngayong gabi ako ay susulat ng kauna-unahan kong blog sa wikang Filipino. Ang daming nangyari ngayong araw kaya naisipan kong magsulat, at pinili kong gumamit ng wikang Filipino para malimitahan ang mga makakaintindi ng blog kong ito (para sa ngayon... Continue Reading →

Weekend in Cebu

For our outing this year, the team has decided to go somewhere south where we need to ride a plane. I was personally excited during the planning stage as majority of the votes pointed to Cebu, which I have not... Continue Reading →

A Ticket to Happiness

Early today, I got to talk to a friend and we exchanged random stories of what we have been up to lately. One of the topics discussed was about travelling, and my friend mentioned that she wanted to start travelling... Continue Reading →

Bright Blue Jacket

Spending two weeks in the Netherlands last April was truly a delight. Not only did I visit a beautiful country but at the same time, experiencing fresh air and cool breeze was nice for a change. I have always been... Continue Reading →

Amsterdam Canal Cruise

At times when I am at home relaxing during weekends, I find myself scanning through my phone to see pictures and videos taken during family gatherings, reunions with friends, events in the office, and my travels. One of the best... Continue Reading →

Things That Remind Me of My Europe Trip

  I will always remember the days I spent in Europe this 2015. It was for a business trip (two weeks) but despite the busy work schedule, I still managed to explore the city and buy souvenirs that will remind... Continue Reading →

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