In God’s Perfect Time

I saw this photo from a friend’s Facebook account. If my memory still works right, this was taken during the College of Science’s Palarong Agham 2010 (I was in my 3rd year in UST). I was distributing some shirts, remembering clearly how physically exhausted and tired I was because of being soaked under the sun. It really is good to look at now, especially that I just finished my bachelor’s degree in Psychology last April. As I always say to my friends, it is genuinely true that I miss school and studying. I miss being a responsible leader, a cooperative follower, and an industrious student. It has been busy during my college life, as I juggled on lots of tasks and obligations. During those times, I wished for a break, that I may have some time to rest and just enjoy myself. But now, an ironic thought occurred to me—because of being stuck at home without work, I wish the opposite. I hope I find the right job soon, before I totally go nuts! (haha! I just laughed while typing that line. I didn’t know why, I just did!). Yes, now I realized, when you can’t find yourself you just go insane little by little. But at the end of the day, I know I have to endure, anyhow I’m a psychologist (laughs). Maybe it’s not my time yet to achieve that smile I had in the photo, that even though I was busy and exhausted, still I was truly happy. (06.14.2011) (throwback blog)


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