My First Blog

Today, I am writing my first WordPress blog. I have been thinking quite a while whether to continue all my works in Tumblr, but I guess I just need to fix everything from scratch and I chose to do it here in WordPress (in reviews, they say this is the best blog site). And now, I would like to share my plan: to write as many stories about life and to share my perspectives on things happening in my surroundings. I will be including some throwbacks as well, as I have been writing my thoughts almost everywhere: my netbook, cell phone, planner, old notebooks, post-its, and even on tissue papers (in times when I have a good idea in mind and there is no available paper; usually when I am in a restaurant). As crazy how it looks, I would like to say that I am pretty excited to share as much as I could. I am looking forward to create 30 blogs in a year. With enough commitment and passion, I hope I can make as much difference with the blogs that I will write from here on. (01.18.2014)


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