Living with a Purpose

Today, my grandmother died. She is 86. She had lived her life well, and she is in a comfortable place now, with God Almighty. Come to think of it, all people will die and leave this world, isn’t it? But today, I realize how painful it is to deal with the pain of death and losing a loved one.

I remember clearly my lesson in school about children having separation anxiety when their parents leave them. This usually happens in school age, when a child typically cries during his or her first day in school. It is normal to have this anxiety early on. Same as when separated with a loved one. As tears drop down my cheeks from time to time, I think of how happy my Lola is, now that she is in peace. She has fulfilled her mission of making all of us smile before she departs. In reality, there is no easier way but to accept separations. The valuable lesson that I learned? Always give love and live life with a purpose, just like what my beloved Lola did. We will miss you Lola, and we all love you.

P.S. Just a few minutes ago, my cousin told me that my Lola told her nurse that she will introduce him to one of her beautiful granddaughters. Guess who the granddaughter was? The nurse said, “ipakikilala niya raw ako kay Katrina [she will introduce me to Katrina].” And I smiled. (04.28.2013) (throwback blog)


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