“Wala na kong hihingin pa. Wala na.” – Ikaw Lamang, Silent Sanctuary

This lovely evening, I feel so inspired to write and express my thoughts about someone. I like the relaxing ambiance of my room (now newly painted with blue jeans color), which most probably added to the coziness I feel. Currently, I am seated on a very comfortable couch, typing on my laptop and listening to some good music. And suddenly, I realize I am missing moments I shared with someone quite special—someone I treasure a lot. I can still remember the contents of our last exchange of text messages. It was about work as usual and he, mentioning the great career opportunities outside the country. He also said that he wanted to tell me something, but decided to tell it next time. At that time, I was thinking, was he going to work outside the Philippines, perhaps in Singapore? Was that what he wanted to tell me in the first place? The very idea made me sad and worried. I would surely miss him, if ever. Through months of knowing him, I came to see who he really was—a genuine, nice, and sweet person. Like me, he has his ups and downs in life, and it wasn’t an easy journey for him either. Despite these, he still tries as hard to regain himself. I find his qualities similar to mine that I feel a certain kind of connection between us. Having thought of it, he also has some similarities with my first love—both of them made me happy, and added an amount of kilig in my everyday living. How I miss to hear his unique voice. As crazy as everything may sound, I admit that within the whole process, I learned to accept him fully, and somehow developed something for him. Whatever that something is, I cannot totally understand. I cannot explain where it came from; it simply just arrived, making me think, and think, and think. (10.06.2011)