People have such high expectations on Valentine’s Day. It is a day of love as described by many, and usually it is spent with a special person, either in a fancy restaurant for dinner or at a concert maybe. Yes, it is a precious day for many but for me, it is simply ordinary. It has been ordinary for quite some time now. This year is no exception.

Too much about being nostalgic on a season like this, I would like to express and share some thoughts on a Valentine’s Day. Currently, it is February 14, 12:58 AM. Lying on my bed listening to some good music, I am thinking of random possibilities later when I go to work. First that comes to mind is about my ultimate office crush giving me this ‘kiss stamp’ (a project of HR–for a cause) worth 10 pesos. Yes, that is so cheap and practically very affordable to anybody who wants to show some appreciation and care. But that is too much to expect from him actually. Close colleagues mentioned before that he likes me, though I cannot be sure. It is absolutely nonsense to think of this occurrence, but then it is still number 1 in my list. I guess all girls really want some of the heart-pounding moments, even just from something worth 10 pesos.

Second possibility: I will arrive in the office seeing a bouquet of flowers on my desk. From whom? From my first ever office crush, of course. I can still remember last year when I was new to our department, he always talks to me and offers a helping hand. On the same day last year we talked about Valentine’s with much gusto and interest. That was a memory I really cherish even up to now. We are not communicating at present, but I guess the possibility of this surprise if ever would be wonderful.

Third possibility: this guy constantly asking me to have coffee with him will give me flowers in front of everyone in the department. I actually met this guy during our company Christmas party. He was one of the organizers, and days after the event he asked me to have coffee and to hangout with him. I guess that was roughly 3 times of asking some time to get to know each other. I did not go out with him though. I felt he considered the last invite as the end, but who knows, maybe he is the type that is persistent.

Fourth possibility: the finance guy giving me flowers. I do not have a clear description of this guy, because I met him just once. He approached me during our company Christmas party as well, but I kinda rejected him with the help of a friend who acted as my boyfriend. I do not know, this does not seem so possible but I just have to include him because the idea crossed my mind.

As for the fifth and last possibility, I envision going to work and seeing a giant teddy bear in my work station. This idea came from my special fondness of teddy bears. Currently, there are two stuffed toy bears in my station, and I feel they both help lighten up my busy days. Stress relievers, they are. Though I cannot think of a person from whom this bear would come from, but that would be nice if ever. Only problem if this comes true? How will I bring it home? Anyway, I would remind myself–just a possibility, not to worry now.

Yes, crazy ideas I just mentioned. Although gut-feel tells me nothing will happen even near these and that I won’t be receiving anything whatsoever, still it is nice to dream before going to sleep. Not bad, at least this is reality and my eyes are open. Nothing to lose, good and positive attitudes exuded. Happy Valentine’s, after all. I am so excited to see what is in store for me later today, so time to close my eyes now and sleep. (02.14.2013)