At Three In The Morning

It is three o’clock in the morning. Well, even past three. I am feeling physically exhausted and tired, but my mind is widely awake–it tells me that I need to grab my iPad and write a short blog about my Valentine’s Day while everything is still fresh.

Before entering the building where I worked hours back, I quietly prayed to God and told Him what has been happening. For the past few days, my officemates had been speculating as to who my valentine will be. They were so excited to know everything that will happen, and it kinda annoyed me in some ways. One close friend asked me on Thursday, “saan ka niya inaya para bukas?,” and I replied “wala, hindi niya ko aayain.” It was an honest answer, since he was referring to a friend who has no feelings for me whatsoever. Another person, on the other hand, told me, “makikita ko narin ilan sila (admirers) sa Friday.” It felt really weird when you are bombarded with these questions and inappropriate thoughts. I would always want to answer and to clear things out, but they just would not believe that I would spend the evening only with close friends (and not with a special someone, since I do not have that yet). I also thanked God for all the blessings, and asked that He makes me contented with I have, despite high expectations and pressures coming from other people. At the end of the day, I got what I wanted–pure happiness–that I thanked Him again through prayers as soon as I arrived home around an hour ago.

I spent my 2014 Valentine’s with seven of my friends at work. I did not quite expect that I would have lots of fun, because one of my monthly reports had some problems with its graphs a while back. I was so drained after that I wanted to go home but then I told myself, a nice KTV night would work for me, and it did. I sang my heart out, and I did exactly what one of my cousins told me–let loose. I thank these seven people; they were the best company. They did not ask me anything of those silly questions, and I did not have to defend myself nor explain. We had so much fun with the lights and the music we created by singing. To Marlon, AJ, JC, Ate April, Nikka, Kenneth, and John–big thanks for the awesome Valentine’s night. I dedicate this blog to all seven of you. (02.15.2014)



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