Sweet Escape


When I felt like I lost all details of a memory, they suddenly came rushing towards me.

I started writing this blog when we were eating our dinner in Yellow Cab, Tagaytay City. I just finished my food (scrumptious pizza and pasta), while my friends were still eating and chatting. How amazing can it get, we are here in Tagaytay! I honestly did not quite expect this trip will push through—from originally 5 people, we were down to 4 yesterday, and just 3 this morning. I am glad we decided to go; this day has been memorable and a good bonding time with friends. Let me share to you what happened early today, October 19, 2013.

I have always wanted a nice adventure every now and then. To me, adventures are spices of life, giving the right kind of excitement and thrill. When my friends proposed that we go to Tagaytay, I easily said yes. I love Tagaytay because of the magnificent view of Taal, the smallest volcano in the Philippines. Also, it is always nice to go back to the place where precious memories with my family and friends were spent, and not to forget the cold breeze that always makes me feel like I am somewhere else in the other side of the earth. And after a few months of not visiting back, I am finally returning to create more good memories, this time with my two close friends at work. I am excited to spend the day with them, more than anything.

Blessed some two years ago, I met two good people—Mike and Emmie. Between the two, I met Emmie first. Emmie and I were team mates in Operations that we got close easily. I was new to our department back then, having transferred from Human Resources to Analytics that I did not have as much friends yet. She was the first who invited me over to join her lunch group. It was a nice gesture, and from then on, I felt comfortable telling her anything that comes to my mind, as well as enjoyed our girl-talk. She is cheerful and is fun to be with. On the other hand, I met Mike also in our lunch group when he joined a couple of months after I did. We were not really close at first, but when he had been extending his shift, we got to always talk and share experiences. He was one person I love to be with, a simple guy with a warm personality. He has genuine care and respect, and is a gentleman. I am very lucky to have met someone like him. I consider Emmie and Mike like precious gems that are hard to find that I truly treasure them. Wonderful people, they both are.

I finally met with them in Ortigas at around nine in the morning. Still not feeling so awake, I rode in the backseat. As much as I wanted to sleep, I listened to Mike and Emmie as they chatted. Topics varied from family matters, to music, to movies, to so on and so forth; and as they speak, I stayed seated, thinking randomly about life, about work, about what we are going to do once we get to Tagaytay. I remembered being in Picnic Grove months back, so as soon as we arrived I suggested that we visit the place. With our individual cell phones in hand, we took lots of pictures of ourselves and of Taal’s great view. There were lots of people in the place during that day, and with nothing much to do, we asked the details of the boat ride going to Taal. Since we wanted to spend the day doing something worthwhile, we decided to go to an extreme adventure—to climb Taal and see its crater.

Mike drove downhill to a resort where the boats to Taal were located. After some minutes and after parking the car, we started our boat ride journey, which was fun. The splash of water together with the strong wind had been refreshing, very far from the crowded and busy streets in Manila. After roughly twenty minutes, we already arrived in the island and decided not to avail the horse ride that we immediately started walking. It had been difficult since I was not really wearing the proper attire (I had long blouse, leggings, and flat shoes). Panting and catching my breath, I thought of the beautiful view of Taal’s crater, which motivated me. After some hours, we finally got into the top. The crater was magnificent! It was breathtaking. Mike, Emmie, and I consumed our phone’s battery to take good pictures to preserve this scenery and the experience of being together on top. We rested for a while, and when the clouds started to get darker and the air became thicker, we started to get down the mountain. Our way down had been slippery, good thing Mike helped me get a good balance. When we got back in the car, I felt how tired I was, but more than that I was happy and I felt light inside. It was a nice day, and day did not end there, because we still went to Yellow Cab after and ate dinner.

The evening in Yellow Cab was so cold, literally. I did not really bring any jacket, and I figured I should have brought one. We found nice seats near the cliff, where the bird’s eye view of Taal could be seen. Mike mentioned that he brought us there for us to see the sunset, though apparently because we were so hungry, we forgot to take a look. We missed it, which made me want to return there again sometime in the future. I even told Emmie I hope my future boyfriend would bring me back to Tagaytay and we would watch the sunset together. That must be nice, if ever. After sharing stories, we went to our last stop—Starbucks Coffee. The coffee shop there was really nice, even better than those here in Manila. I ordered a nice Grande Coffee Jelly Frapuccino. And after a few minutes, we started our trip and went back to Manila.

To sum up, the day had been really awesome. Even though I am not the athletic type, I pushed for and I suggested climbing Taal to see its crater, which had been the best choice. I also got to bond well with Mike and Emmie. I look forward to more wonderful times like this. May I have another sweet escape and go to another breathtaking place in the future. (10.19.2013)


3 thoughts on “Sweet Escape

  1. this is so nice katie! =)

    i miss the three of you.. i miss lunchpips! =)
    hope we could have a summer outing of some sort.. it’s been a while..

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