I never would have imagined that I would be playing the role of Baby Spice in our department’s music video last Christmas. Looking back, everything just happened so fast–from the planning stage to the actual shoot, to the video editing, to the final live performance. The competition ended and I reassessed the experience. A good one, I must say.

As a student, I love joining different organizations. I feel as if I am missing the fun by not really exploring on the things that I love doing. Before I graduated, I was able to fulfill my dream of becoming an editor in our college student publication, as well as join a prestigious university-wide Spanish organization. I got to do what I have always wanted–activities that centered on my strengths. It was fun, but at the back of my mind I ask myself, “Are those the only things that you can do? Are those challenging enough to make you better?” My answer is yes, but then my mind tells me I should try doing something I am not really comfortable with, to learn more.

Last year’s company Christmas party paved way for more self-discovery. I was asked to play the role of Baby Spice in Wannabe and Stop music videos. Initially, I have been doubting myself whether I could really do it, since I am very much aware how poor my skills were in dancing and acting. I have no talent in both whatsoever. Moreover, my fear of disappointing people engulfed me, but at the same time, it motivated me to try working harder to get into character. When the shooting began, I was asked to wear the shortest dress I have ever seen, as well as put thick makeup on my face. I was also asked to do some dancing. I felt scared inside, but then I have a commitment to deliver. Also, my colleagues were working hard to make the videos nice. Because of these, I stayed focused and tried to be as energetic. The second day of shoot was better than the first. I got to wear a longer dress (thanks to my friend Micka) and felt more comfortable since only a few people were watching. The picture above was shot during our second day of shoot.

After a few days, the editing was finished and I got to watch the final music video. To my surprise, I did not look so bad at all, in my opinion. In every move and walk, I saw my real self–the finesse young lady that is capable of doing something not so-her. I was Baby Spice. It was even funny because at the end of the day I felt I enjoyed the whole experience. It made me more flexible. It made me trust myself, that I could play with my weaknesses–something I did not expect but I felt eventually.

In the end, I would like to thank the good people who trusted me and gave me words of encouragement. To Ate Juliet, a big thanks. She always tells me, ‘go bebe gurl’ which boosted my diminishing confidence in the beginning. I am also thankful to Ate Grace and Kuya Jan Mark. They were the ones who really put up the music video, very dedicated to lead the group. Thanks also to my good friend Chard for just always smiling in the shoot, as if telling me everything would turn out fine and that I should not worry. These people have been blessings; I could not thank them enough. I am truly happy that once in my life, I got do something I never thought I could do.


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