The Story Behind “Walk Our Roads”

Some two months back, I accepted the challenge of writing a song. I have never tried writing one before that I felt instantly excited. It first started when a good friend shared his passion for music and in composing songs. I was able to hear one of his compositions and it was really good! I easily became a fan, and I told my friend that I wanted to try writing one as well. At that very moment, after I heard his song, I started typing in Notepad. It took me roughly 15 minutes, and while reading my first song lyrics, I smiled.

As soon as I went home that day, I randomly gave melody to my lyrics and tried to see if anything fitted. Unfortunately, I was not at all satisfied with anything that I just slept after an hour. The next day, I talked to my same friend, telling him how difficult it was to fit melody in the lyrics. Nevertheless, after our conversation, I told him that I will try again that night. Later the day, I was surprised as a melody fitted perfectly, and from then on, I gave my first music composition the title Walk Our Roads.

I was able to share the song with my friends and I was glad that they liked it. It was heart-warming, since I consider the song very special to me. I cannot say that it was the best song, but I realized that I should at least start somewhere and by writing the lyrics, I discovered something new about myself. I can write not only blogs or essays, but songs as well. And it did not end there, because I found myself writing random things that can possibly be my second composition. Yes, I would not stop now that I have just started.

A couple of my friends told me that they were affected by the song after they heard it. The melody is a little upbeat, but in the lyrics one is longing for someone special who already chose to take a separate road. The first and second part of the song talk about the happy thoughts of being together, but I revealed in the bridge that they are, indeed, already distant. As composer of the song, I do not want listeners to focus on the negative side of separations. There is always beauty in ending up not being together, because that only means that there is someone better in store along the way.

As per the question “who is your inspiration in writing the song?”, I say that mostly my friends are my inspiration. My friends typically share stories about their love life–the happy and sad parts of it. I also love reading any type of book (love stories included) which somehow inspired me as well. Having said these, it is just funny when my family has been identifying people who can possibly be the you in the song. They have been guessing, and so far, they were not able get it. I just laugh every time. It was hilarious.

Before I end this blog post, I would like to thank first the people who helped me and believed that my composition is something special. Thanks to my good friend Chard for the encouragement and for playing the guitar for me. I first sang my song in acapella; thanks to him it became much better with the guitar. Thanks as well to Karen for the suggestions and feedback that definitely improved the song. Lastly, thanks to my family’s support, telling me that the song was really good. Because of all these, I am looking forward to composing more songs. This is just the beginning, and I cannot wait to write more.


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