The Key

A few hours ago, I was talking with our department director, discussing the report I am doing for my business partners/ stakeholders. Now that the discussion has ended, l thought of how I presented. The director thanked me, and said that I knew a lot about the report, but I am not feeling very satisfied. I could have done something more, I tell myself.

There is a concept called confidence that I would like to master. I cannot say that I am absolutely not confident in speaking, but I believe there are so much more to improve on. I have been learning and increasing my self-esteem little by little through the years with the hope that I will not feel as nervous when talking in front of a crowd especially in front of important people and just speak spontaneously sharing my knowledge in the most optimal and structured way. Sounds easy? To some people, it looked easy as speaking is their strength, but for me it is a long, complex process. Nevertheless, I am challenged by it and will continue to improve for the better.

Having reflected, I plan to increase my confidence by strengthening the following techniques that I am using:

Prepare and study. Before the presentation, one must prepare and study about the topic to be discussed. Also, it is important to expect possible questions to be asked about the topic. In this way, one can prepare the answers ahead of time. 

Condition one’s self. It is important to have the proper mind set before the discussion. One must acknowledge that he or he is about to present. It will help one to be more relaxed and confident.

Organize your thoughts. Construct thoughts in a way that will benefit or will be helpful to you. Preparing an outline of topics to be discussed can be beneficial.

Give it your best. Discussing or presenting something does not typically happen every day. One must give his or her 100%.

Be yourself. It is always nice to show a bit of yourself during discussions and presentations. Do not be afraid to give insights. It will help build confidence in speaking and interacting with other people.


At the end of the day, it is up to our own eagerness and determination that will help us be more confident. As for me, I will continue to strive hard, looking forward to my next discussions/ presentations. (07.31.2014)


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