Prince and Princess

A couple of months back, I went to Thailand with my brother for vacation. As I remember clearly, we often ride MRT to go to different places, and in every entrance of stations we always see the advertisement posters of Coke. One of the celebrities in the ad looked very familiar; I have seen the guy over the internet. I even told my brother, “He is a Korean Idol.” Little did I know that he is called the Prince of Thailand; I just found that out when I got home and researched a bit about him out of curiosity.

From then on, I grew interest over Nichkhun. Yes, he is the guy in the posters. I am amazed by how popular he is both in Thailand and in Korea. He can speak good English, Thai, and Korean, which is awesome! Since I love studying different languages, I really look up to him. Through searching in the internet, I came to appreciate this Idol and his music. I have lots of 2PM (his Idol group) songs in my phone, including his solo song, Let It Rain. I play the songs very often. Also, I decided to watch some of his shows and found out about We Got Married. I already watched a couple of episodes in YouTube but I could not find ones with English subtitles. I am currently studying Korean and since I am not very good at it yet, it is really hard to understand all words in conversations. Luckily, a good friend gave me a link and I was able to watch all episodes with subtitles. Cool.

We Got Married is a show wherein an Idol is usually paired with another Idol of the opposite gender, and for a span of time they will live as a married couple. The couple will be given different missions along the way to show their chemistry. One of the most favorite couples as per netizens is Khuntoria–Nichkhun (2PM) and Victoria (f(x)). In the beginning, since I know how the show works, I understand that despite their sweet actions, it still does not change the fact that they are filming and that everything is planned. This is a sad reality, since Nichkhun and Victoria really look good together and like other fans, I wish that they would be in a real relationship. What surprised me was that towards the end of the show and when the couple said their goodbyes to each other, I felt everything was real. Nichkhun was really sad then, and so was Victoria. Nichkhun cried a couple of times. Now I understand why Khuntoria couple has lots of fans, that even though Nichkhun is already happy with someone else, fans still wish that Nichkhun and Victoria will reunite and be together in the end. I wish so, too.

I finished the Khuntoria episodes just yesterday and I still am feeling a bit sad. I was really moved by their story; they were like a prince and a princess who truly deserve each other and look good together. Every time I hear the song I’m In Love, I remember Nichkhun singing to Victoria–a really sweet scene in the show. I am grateful I watched the show. I will always be their fan, and will continue to support this lovely We Got Married couple, even though they did not end up together (yet) in real life.


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