Looking Back: My 2014 Highlights

For the past few days, I have been thinking of the best things that happened last year. 2014 came by so quickly with a good mix of ups and downs. In general, last year I was able to explore more on the things I am capable of doing. It has been a year of self-discovery, wherein I started composing songs and doing song covers. I was able to compose Walk Our Roads and Helpless and according to my friends, they really liked the songs and found themselves being able to relate to its message. Not only that–I also started blogging in WordPress last year. Katchesque gained followers, and I am very happy my readers appreciated my blogs. Through my blogs, I was able to express myself more and share a part of myself to my readers.

2014 was also a year of exciting adventures. Early last year, my brother and I visited Thailand and Cambodia. The temples in Cambodia were amazingly breathtaking, while the Thai food and night markets were the best. Mid last year, I was also able to go to Puerto Prinsesa, Palawan with my family. We went to the Underground River, which is something we Filipinos should be proud of with its preserved beauty. These travels were really memorable, and I am glad I was able to experience it all with my family.

Besides the good events, there were also ones that made me and my family sad. Last November, our chowchow Toin left. He was like a baby to our family that we were truly hurt. I was lonely when he left as he was with our family for 7 happy years. I really missed him. Also, last year I was not very healthy. I almost loss my consciousness in church early the year and found out my sugar level drops easily and was mildly anemic. It made me realize that I should take care of myself more and live a healthier lifestyle.

Having to reminisce my 2014 experiences, I felt that the year had been a great one. It was not a perfect year but nevertheless I was able to learn as much like to take care of myself, to bond with my family more, and to enjoy life and nature. As for 2015, I have nothing but good hopes that it will be as great (or greater) than last year. May there be more love, opportunities, and happy experiences this 2015.


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