My 2015 In A Nutshell

My 2015 Highlights.

I could not believe how 2015 flew by so fast. Reminiscing the events that took place this year, I have nothing but big thanks to God for all the blessings. There were just so many great things to be grateful for that I consider 2015 as my best year so far. I have learned a lot in terms of career, love, and taking risks. Let me take you to the best things that happened to me this year. These are truly memorable.

1. Weddings and Other Get-togethers (January to March 2015): It is always an amazing time to be with friends. Early this year, two of my friends, Mike and Eday married the love of their lives. I was able to attend the beautiful Christian wedding of Mike, and it was really awesome that our group of friends (which we call Lunchpips) were almost complete. It was like a wedding and a reunion at the same time. In addition to the wedding, I also got to join my office friends and spent some time in Bonifacio Global City in Taguig. Since I live in the north of Metro Manila, it felt good to explore south and just have a good time with friends. We ate Korean food in Kpub (good food), went to a bookstore, and took nice photos. These get-togethers were really fun.

2. Rotterdam (The Netherlands) Business Trip (April to May 2015): It was really unbelievable and surreal when I was asked to go to the Netherlands for a report migration. I was not expecting it; it came out of the blue which made me realize that God really has something in store for each individual. I was nervous at first about the idea of traveling solo as well as doing a project with minimal help for two weeks. I was scared inside, but God gave me strength that I was able to get by successfully. I had so much fun during those two weeks. It was fulfilling and liberating. I got to visit Amsterdam, to attend Koningsdag (King’s Day), and to just walk and walk until I get tired. I learned to trust myself that I can do things and that I am capable of making wise decisions for myself. I was able to share what I have learned as an analyst for four years, and I gained friends. I am really thankful for our business partners who welcomed me warmly, as well as to my family and officemates for the love. I realized a lot of things during this trip and I am happy that I came back as a better person with the experiences that I had.

3. Spending my 25th birthday in the Netherlands, as well as visiting Antwerp, Belgium (May 2015): Never in a million years did I expect to spend my birthday in Europe. It was so special. On my birthday I worked the whole day and even extended work hours in the office. The mini celebration came in after when I had dinner with one of our business partners in Bazaar. Food was good and the restaurant looked good. It may be just a simple dinner to celebrate but to me, it was the best. During my stay in the Netherlands, I also got to visit Antwerp, Belgium. It was near Rotterdam. The best part was getting lost going back to the train station where I learned not to panic, to have presence of mind, to be calm, and to be patient. My business partner and I managed to get back safely. I also felt healthier having to walk a distance (a good form of exercise) and really enjoyed just blending in the crowd. 

4. Getting awards (June to July 2015): As soon as I got back from the Netherlands, I got so busy working and completing tasks. Being an analyst is not so easy as one needs to be both technical and analytical. Because of this, I really worked hard and gave my best in everything that I did. I got my first award last July (Going the Extra Mile Award), which I was thankful for. It felt good that my hardwork paid off. In summary, I got three awards this year (two Going the Extra Mile, one Champ of the Month). Great blessings, indeed.

5. Singapore and Malaysia Trip (August to September 2015): I got my well-deserved vacation last August and September. My mom, brother, and I went to Singapore and Malaysia where we visited tourist spots such as Marina Bay, Universal Studios, Esplanade, Fountain of Wealth, Gardens by the Bay, Pertronas Towers, and Batu Caves. I loved Singaporean food so much and really enjoyed walking around the city. It had been a great vacation.

6. Family Outing, Team Bonding, and Annual Party (October to December 2015): My fourth quarter this year was spent more on outings and parties. Our family outing in Caliraya (swimming, sky cycling, catching up with relatives) had been super fun. Our team bonding (bowling, eating lunch, eating ice cream, playing Avalon) was fun as well as we get some time off work and just have a great time. Even though I did not win in our company’s Annual Party raffle, still I got to be with friends. Our department also won in the street dancing competion, which was a plus.

7. Spending Christmas with Family (December 2015): I am really thankful to have spent the holidays with my family. I am grateful for my dad, mom, brother, Toffee (the chowchow), and Tofu (our new chowchow). I got nice gifts this year as well that I can use next year. I got to buy a phone and a travel bag as my annual rewards for my whole year’s hard work. I am lucky that I can now buy the things that I need and want. I will continue to work hard for myself, for my family, and for the future.


As 2015 closes, I look forward to the next bright year ahead. I know that life cannot be perfect, but I always want to look at the good side and hope for best things to come. I am excited to plan my life. Hello 2016! I know you will be as awesome.


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