Things That Remind Me of My Europe Trip


Souvenirs from Europe.

I will always remember the days I spent in Europe this 2015. It was for a business trip (two weeks) but despite the busy work schedule, I still managed to explore the city and buy souvenirs that will remind me of the Netherlands and Belgium. Below are my favorite items with short description on when I used them. Most of the items were from Rotterdam, Amsterdam, and Antwerp–the three beautiful cities that I have visited.

Orange Holland beanie. I got this beanie from one of the stores in Amsterdam. I cannot remember how much this cost, but I was able to use it during one of my afternoon strolls in the city centre. It could have been better if I was able to purchase this before the King’s Day (everyone was wearing orange that day; I wore an orange dress under my coat), but nonetheless it was comfortable to wear on a cold weather. The only funny thing was that when I wore it on a regular day, I felt that I looked like a tourist (it was spring when I got there, I assume they only wear beanies during winter). It was cute though and I really love the color.

Red socks with a design of a man. I also got this from SoLow store in Rotterdam. I purchased it as I needed more socks (the socks that I washed did not dry fast). I used this socks when I went to Amsterdam. I love the cool design as well as the length (it is good for boots).

Refrigerator magnets and small clogs. I got these in Amsterdam. The white small porcelain clogs were the ones I gave my teammates. On the other hand, the refrigerator magnets (yellow wooden clogs and porcelain Amsterdam magnet) were for our family’s refrigerator which my parents loved so much. These were great additions to our magnet collection.

Netherlands and Antwerp Starbucks tumblers. I cannot remember where I bought my Netherlands tumbler but I got my Antwerp in the Antwerpen Centraal station. I started my Starbucks tumbler collection with these two which was really special. Currently, the tumblers are displayed in my room. They made me miss Europe but at the same time made me smile big with happy memories.


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