Amsterdam Canal Cruise

At times when I am at home relaxing during weekends, I find myself scanning through my phone to see pictures and videos taken during family gatherings, reunions with friends, events in the office, and my travels. One of the best that I have taken is a short video last April 24. On that very day, I was able to witness the beauty of Amsterdam during the canal cruise that I had with 2 of my good friends, Jerome and Joanne. It was one of the best places I have ever seen and I felt so lucky being there at that moment. The moment was surreal; it was so special that I will never forget that day. I never thought that I would have the chance to go back to the Netherlands for the second time and this time, rather than spending weekends mostly on my own like last year, I was able to spend it with friends. I will be back someday to see this again, that’s for sure. I will probably try the night cruise next time for a new kind of experience. This breathtaking view is something I will always keep in my mind to inspire me to get to places and to reach my dreams and my heart’s desires. 


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