A Ticket to Happiness

Early today, I got to talk to a friend and we exchanged random stories of what we have been up to lately. One of the topics discussed was about travelling, and my friend mentioned that she wanted to start travelling next year with her family. I told her that I wanted to travel too, most especially lately. There are times when my mind suddenly just wanders somewhere on the other side of the earth, with me having the best time. I am still young in general, but the things that I wanted in life has been changing and is now more realized, probably because I am getting much older through the years. One of the things that I wanted the most is to explore beautiful places and more importantly places that can inspire me to dream and to just feel a different level of comfort and happiness.

My friend asked me where I wanted to go next. I told her I want to visit Vietnam and Indonesia next just because these are 2 Asian countries that I have not visited yet. An ideal Asian country to visit for me is Korea and Japan, although some of my friends said both are costly (especially Japan). I will be visiting Korea late next year; I am excited to explore and test my Korean language skills! In total, I was already able to go to 6 countries in Asia (Hongkong, Thailand, Cambodia, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan) and 2 in Europe (The Netherlands and Belgium). Hopefully I get to travel more other than my Korea trip next year. 

As per my dream countries to visit, I will always look at those in Europe. My trip to the Netherlands last year was life-changing. Maybe it is the ‘magic of Europe,’ but there are lots of things that I have learned and realized during that trip. If given the chance to go to Europe again I would definitely want to visit the Netherlands again because it is close to my heart. I sometimes even see myself living there, probably in the future when I already have a family of my own. Aside from the Netherlands, I also want to visit France. Paris is so popular among tourists that you just cannot miss visiting it when in Europe. Eiffel Tower will always be a must-see. Iceland is also beautiful! One of my friends visited Iceland and his pictures were just amazing! Thinking about it now, there are really so much to see in the world and so much to experience. I also like to visit Spain if given the chance; it would be nice to practice my Spanish there.

As I am writing this short blog, I feel nothing but excitement for what is in store for me in terms of travel. This fourth quarter of 2016 has been disappointing as 2 of the travels that I have been working out with friends did not push through. Anyhow, there are better things to look forward to. I wish I can just win a roundtrip ticket off to somewhere and have the best vacation ever! I will always keep my fingers crossed for that!


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