Weekend in Cebu

For our outing this year, the team has decided to go somewhere south where we need to ride a plane. I was personally excited during the planning stage as majority of the votes pointed to Cebu, which I have not visited yet. We will try the Kawasan Canyoneering in Badian, as well as do a city tour. One week before the outing I started preparing the things that I will need most especially for the canyoneering; in general I am not really much into water adventure so I do not have the right attire. I had to buy a rash guard (bought an orange one) as well as foot wear. On Friday morning of November 18, I woke up early to meet some of my team mates for our carpool in going to the airport. Despite lacking some sleep (as I worked until 11PM the night before), I was looking forward to our new adventure after an hour flight away from Manila (via Air Asia from NAIA Terminal 4).

We arrived in Mactan Airport in the afternoon and immediately had our city tour. We went to some tourist spots like Lapu-Lapu Shrine and Fort Santiago. We had our late lunch (and early dinner at the same time) and ate Cebu Lechon (delicious). It was a nice day, and almost everyone slept early as we will leave for the canyoneering activity at 4AM the following day. As usual, I was able to fall asleep later than others since I am used to sleeping late because of my work schedule.

Canyoneering was a lot more fun than I thought it would be. I was initially nervous; we had a ‘jump practice session’ and just looking down the water made me uncomfortable. I did not know how to swim and eventhough I had my life vest on, a part of me was scared. Our practice jump was at 4ft, and as we went further, I managed to jump as high as 18ft. It was my choice to try the 18ft jump and I felt quite happy about it after. To describe the feeling, climbing up the cliff was scary but the scarier part was standing at the edge. I did not get any weird feeling in my stomach but it definitely took a lot of courage to let go and just jump. It was an indescribable feeling of floating mid-air and then sinking until you reach the point where your body meets with water. My entry into the water often looks bad as I subconciously raised my arms as if I was flying, but nonetheless the experience was all worth it.

In addition to jumping into the water, we were also able to try water slides and swinging into the water using a rope. It was fun and relaxing; I remembered the moments wherein I was just floating on the water looking at the trees and the sky above me. The clouds were also good to look at. After a few jumps we got hungry and had lunch in a place just beside the Kawasan falls. The view was great and the food was just okay. After a few more photos taken in front of the falls, we started hiking once again and headed to the exit and left the area. It was a long travel back to our hotel; I was super tired but somehow I managed to take a nap in the van.

On Sunday morning we headed back to the airport for our flight back to Manila. It was super fast but still a great weekend spent. Also, I was able to experience lots of firsts–my first time to ride at the back of a motorcycle on our way to the canyoneering site, my first time to jump as high as 18ft, and my first time to ride a plane with my team mates for an outing. Despite having body aches from our little adventure, I definitely encourage everyone to visit Cebu and more so try canyoneering. It does not matter if you are scared of heights or if you do not know how to swim; what matters is to just let go and have a wonderful time like I did.


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