Today, I finished reading a book. Lovestruck in London was a free ebook in Google Play Books app so I decided to download and give it a try. Today I stayed at home and was so engrossed in reading that I skipped a meal just to finish the book. I am happy to get back to reading because it has been quite a while now since I last finished a book for leisure purposes (mainly due to me concentrating on my other hobbies and interests). Since there are lots of ebooks nowadays I can easily read through my phone anywhere and anytime which is super convenient. I still love actual books though, nothing beats the fresh smell of every page.

About what I read, Lovestruck in London by Rachel Schurig was a nice romance book. It centered on a girl named Lizzie who went to London with her friend Callie to study for 9 months, and as the story progressed she met a guy named Thomas. Lizzie and Thomas were different from each other but that did not stop them from being in love, and at the end of the story Lizzie decided to go back to London to pursue her dreams and be with her true love, Thomas. I initially thought only teenagers would be able to relate to this type of story about young love, but somehow after finishing the book I can say that I can totally relate to it. There were moments that happened to me in the past that were similar to how the story went, not entirely but atleast 50% of it. Those bits when Lizzie went to London, when she met the Londoner Thomas, when she started seeing Thomas differently, when she was sad to leave London after her school ended, when see went back to her home in America, when she felt like being separated with Thomas by million miles and by the ocean–you just have to change a few details for it to fit. Anyway, the book was refreshing to read and the story was just light so I liked it. I have lots of ebooks left which I will be writing about once I finish reading them. Looking forward to being affected by another story and writing another book review. Books are the best!


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