Tulips and Windmills

I have been wanting to write more about my experiences in the Netherlands but then I realized I was so busy the past few weeks that I rarely had the time to blog. I never thought I would love the... Continue Reading →

My Thoughts on Solo Travelling

On mid-March, my manager asked me to give him my passport details in preparation for a possibility to go to the Netherlands. On that same day, the trip was confirmed and my passport details were sent to our counterpart in... Continue Reading →

My Strength

"I will say of the LORD, "He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust." - Psalm 91:2For the past weeks, I cannot help but feel sad and worried on things that I have no control of. In almost... Continue Reading →


Tonight, I have nothing in mind other than the word thanks. God does not stop pouring blessings upon me, and even though I get challenges once in a while, I know I will never forget to thank Him for giving... Continue Reading →

Looking Back: My 2014 Highlights

For the past few days, I have been thinking of the best things that happened last year. 2014 came by so quickly with a good mix of ups and downs. In general, last year I was able to explore more... Continue Reading →

Prince and Princess

A couple of months back, I went to Thailand with my brother for vacation. As I remember clearly, we often ride MRT to go to different places, and in every entrance of stations we always see the advertisement posters of... Continue Reading →

The Key

A few hours ago, I was talking with our department director, discussing the report I am doing for my business partners/ stakeholders. Now that the discussion has ended, l thought of how I presented. The director thanked me, and said... Continue Reading →

The Story Behind “Walk Our Roads”

Some two months back, I accepted the challenge of writing a song. I have never tried writing one before that I felt instantly excited. It first started when a good friend shared his passion for music and in composing songs.... Continue Reading →

A Beautiful Day In Bangkok

Despite sleeping just roughly 3 hours, I woke up early here in our hotel in Bangkok. With nothing much to do, I decided to write a short blog. It was raining a few minutes back, and I was a bit... Continue Reading →

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